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Charles C. Clark Dunedin Youth Sailing Association Sportsmanship Trophy


2016/2017 Winner:  Elvis B.

Deed Of Gift

This 1926 Tampa Bay Regatta Trophy won by Charles C. Clark while sailing the vessel “TOT II” is being rededicated as a perpetual trophy and is to be presented annually at the completion of the Spring Session of Dunedin Youth Sailing to one member of the Dunedin Youth Sailing Fleet. The perpetual trophy will reside at the Dunedin Boat Club where it shall be prominently displayed.

To determine the winner, the Dunedin Youth Sailing Staff and participating members of the fleet will select one qualifying student who has exemplified the criteria of excellent sportsmanship as set forth by the Board of Directors of DYSA throughout the Fall and Spring sailing sessions.







It is the intent of this Deed of Gift that it will be administered by the Dunedin Youth Sailing Association. Should there be a dispute in the interpretation of this Deed of Gift, it will be settled by the Dunedin Youth Sailing Association Selection Committee whose decision will be final.

Given under our hands on the seventeenth day of September, 2011, this perpetual trophy is presented to the Dunedin Youth Sailing Association in loving memory of our father.


Charles C. Clark


Persis Clark Menefee

Charles C. Clark IV

Chris S. Clark




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