Our Thanks To….

The Kiwanis Club of Dunedin, Florida

Members of the Kiwanis formed the nucleus of the first Board of Directors of the DYSA.  Kiwanis volunteers continue to be the backbone of the organization.

The Dunedin Boat Club

DBC allows the DYSA to use their building and restrooms on Sunday afternoons, free of charge.  Many DBC members donate their time and their money to the DYSA.  The DBC membership is critical to the success of the annual Dunedin Cup Regatta.

The City of Dunedin

DYSA leases the pram shed, the safety boat, and the prams from the City of Dunedin.  City leaders continually cooperate and support the DYSA.  It is not unusual to see a Commissioner or two helping to wash the boats on a Sunday afternoon.  Commissioner Barnette donated his 2009 salary to the DYSA.

The Windlasses

This Dunedin women’s sailing club provided volunteers and expertise to the DYSA during the founding year.  The Windlasses continue to help DYSA by providing volunteers to work with the children.  The Windlasses and the DYSA cooperate together to insure proper care and maintenance of the shared city pram fleet.

The People and Businesses of Dunedin, Florida

Many individuals and businesses have donated time and money to make the DYSA a reality for the children of Dunedin, Florida and the surrounding communities.  We hope that each donor has a chance to visit us on a Sunday afternoon…

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